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This Code of Ethics has been established for the members of The Pekingese Association.  It is intended to promote the ideals and principles required to maintain, protect and preserve the Pekingese breed.


 Members should know and observe the rules and regulations of The Pekingese Association.  This Code of Ethics requires a commitment to a high standard of practice in owning, breeding and exhibiting Pekingese.


Members are required at all times to display good conduct and sportsmanship and treat judges, competitors, show officials and spectators with courtesy and respect.  The Pekingese Association subscribes to the AKC Code of Sportsmanship.


Members shall not engage in false advertising nor shall they maliciously malign another person by making misleading statements regarding a competitorís dog or breeding practices.


Members shall not sell or donate dogs for auctions or raffles or to pet shops, catalog houses or brokers.


Members shall not have surgery performed on any Pekingese to alter any features for the purpose of exhibition.


Breeder members should exercise great care when selecting stud dogs or brood bitches and shall use stock of characteristic type that exhibit soundness, stable temperament and good health that are free from communicable diseases and serious genetic defects.


Breeder members must breed only for the purpose of improving the breed and not for the pet market.  The Pekingese Association recommends that puppies should not be placed or sold before the age of 12 weeks.  Pekingese sold as pet quality must have limited registration with spay/neuter contracts.  The Pekingese Association recommends that every dog is micro chipped prior to sale with the breeder as the secondary contact.


Every Pekingese sold by a breeder member must provide the owner with information on:  Diet and care, immunization, health, 3 generation pedigree, registration and transfer records and a Code of Ethics.  If sold by an American breeder, the American Kennel Club is the only registry recognized by the Pekingese Association.  American puppies must be registered with AKC only.  For breeders in other countries, puppies must be registered with that countryís primary kennel club. 


Breeder members shall strive to place puppies in good homes with the responsibility of taking them back if a need arises.


Members at all times must remember the purpose of the Pekingese breed is to provide love and companionship.  Their dogs must live in a clean, comfortable and healthy environment with proper socialization and exercise.


This Code of Ethics is in agreement with the Constitution and By-Laws of The Pekingese Association.


Every member must accept the responsibility to protect the interests of the Pekingese breed by conducting themselves in a professional manner designed to reflect credit on the breed and The Pekingese Association.


By signing this document, I agree to abide by this Code of Ethics along with the Constitution and By-Laws of The Pekingese Association.