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The Pekingese Association was formed by a small group of Pekingese enthusiasts in 2006.  The stated function for the club is to promote and protect the Pekingese breed. The founding members are from all areas of America with a common purpose; to promote and protect the Pekingese breed. 
Our goals include promoting responsible breeding practices, introducing new people to the Pekingese breed and to support the Bred by Exhibitor classes. We have a rigid Code of Ethics that is geared to protecting the individual dog and insist on good  sportsmanship and conduct from the Pekingese Association membership. 
Membership is exclusive and by invitation only.
The following is a short introduction of the Pekingese Association Board/Founding Members in alphabetical order:

Audrey Drake Director  (Arkansas)  Audrey is the first of a 3 generation kennel; Toimanor Pekingese BOE, ROM.  The Toimanor dogs are bred and shown by Audrey, her daughter Janet Oxford and Janet's son, Peter Oxford.

Patricia Farley Director  (Massachusetts)  Partnered with husband Charles Farley, the Chu Lai Pekingese BOE, ROM have been in existence since 1967.

Kathleen S. Knowles Director  (Michigan)  Kathleen is a successful all-breed professional handler.  Her kennel name is Ka-Leen and she specializes in Pekingese presentation.

Carol Kniebusch Noe Director  (Virginia)  Carol is the owner of the Shenblu Pekingese BOE.  Carol is an AKC judge and a world renown flutist.

Sylvia Reznick Vice President (New York)  Sylvia and Lou Reznick are the keepers of the Hoong Tao Pekingese, BOE, ROM.  Sylvia is also the Secretary of the Pekingese Club of New Jersey and the President of the Pekingese Charitable Foundation.

Susan Shephard
President (Florida)   Susan is the owner of the Deja vu
Pekingese BOE, ROM.

Don Sutton Secretary (Texas)  Don is an AKC approved judge for the Toy and Non-Sporting groups.   Don is the President of the Pekingese Club of Texas and past President of the Texas Kennel Club. He and his partner, Dr. Steve Keating own the Sutton Place BOE, ROM  kennel.

Betty Tilley Treasurer (Rhode Island)  Betty is the owner of the Pleiku Pekingese Reg., BOE, ROM since 1966 and an AKC judge.  Additionally, Betty is the Treasurer of the The Triple Crown, Inc. & the Pekingese Charitable Foundation.